If I flirt again, then will I gain interest again?

So this guy I think he liked me, & I liked
Him at one point. But we hadn't talked in a long time.

We went out bowling with some friends, & I forgot to flirt. We just played the game, & he teased me. But like I'm scared that our interaction that day was too friendly. He texted me, then I texted him back like usual.

But then I texted him the day after and no response.

I'm scared he's gonna drop me into the friend zone again. I'm hoping that if he texts back that I'll plan another hang out, but I'll remember to flirt and do subtle touches. I'm scared we lost everything we had in those weeks that we were away. Do you think I'm overreacting?


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  • Yes your overreacting. If you want to make sure you didn't push him away or make him think you were not interested. Invite him out for coffee or something simple sit close to him and pay some attention to him. Men are very simple really, we have problems with some of the things women do because we dont understand how they think. We tend to be a bit more direct and do not always think of all the different things women do. Oh we try but a woman will see things in what a guy said that he never ment when he said it. and when a woman pushes us away we fell they dont want to be with us. However a woman may have pushed us away because she wants to test us or any number of other reasons. If you feel you may have pushed him away and dont want that then just let him know. Its ok if the lady takes a step toward the guy sometimes and not leave it all up to him.


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