Guys - Does it matter if the girl you're with has experience or not?

I've always thought that guys don't like when a girl has no idea what she's doing. Being a girl of absolutely no experience at all, (no kissing, no touching, nothing), I have the idea that if I get a boyfriend and if things get serious and maybe sexual, the guy will be disappointed at my lack of knowing what to do. Don't guys want mind blowing sex and kisses that'll take their breath away? Idk.

  • Yes, it matters if she's had experience.
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  • No, it doesn't matter if she's experienced.
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  • It depends on the nature of this experience.

    Is it experience gained by fucking seemingly random people? I'm not into that and I can't see myself with someone who was. I don't want to be with someone who thought it was cool to just have a load of short term things and then move on.
    Understand that there's nothing inherently wrong with doing that, but it'd be a clash of personalities between me and her.
    If it was experience from another committed partner (s) then that's OK - She wanted a long term thing and it didn't work out, that's fine.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I vote A... BECAUSE~~ having "experience" is a VERY BIG turn off for me.

  • I prefer if she's not experienced, if she's never even kissed it's best, makes it more special


What Girls Said 1

  • If she's inexperienced and is willing to give it all to you then you should be very honoured :)

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