What should I do? I really like this woman?

I hung out with this girl from work one night, we are attracted to each other and something sexual happened. I told her not to tell anybody about us at work because I don't want everybody in our business. I seen her once at work after that, and we talked a little but couldn't talk that much because we were at work. We text here and there that day at work, but after that she barely text back. We was suppose to hang out again, but she don't text back that much, she's always busy or something, what should I do? I really like this woman and she expressed to me how much she likes me, what should I do? Any advice?


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  • are u sure she's single? is she scared of u? im wondering too. like wats upwith her.. did she change her mind about u. i wouldn't believe her if she said she was busy. cuz a woman would make her way to be with u. is she single are u sure ima ask u that again. whome else she's seeing besides u

    • I did start to think that she was seeing some one else, that could be it. I don't know if she's seeing some one for sure, but that could be a possibility.

    • Wait, why would she be scared of me lol?

  • I don't think she's that interested. If she's interested, she would make more effort


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