Am I not good enough? What am I doing wrong?

So to be honest i have been recently struggling with finding any luck with girls but i have no idea why and thats why im frustrated. I dont have a clue to what girls are looking for. I thought me going to a good college, being really shredded, getting a cool car, being tall and being funny would help me but it hasn't really done anything. I start to talk to girls and get their phone numbers but then nothing ends up happening they always reject me when i try to move forward. I honestly have no idea what to do.


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  • This is coming from someone who has been with her husband for over 20+yrs so take it for what it is worth.

    Don't try so hard. Honestly just be yourself and be open to not your usual type. When I met my husband which was in a bar of all places he was not the usual person I would date. However after so many failed attempts when he asked me out I chose to try something different even though there really wasn't that sexual attraction as much curiosity. After 20+ years I still lust after him... lol

    Tips -- When a lady asks you were you like to eat or what can she cook for you, DO NOT say whatever you want because you don't want to seem demanding or bossy. Tell her what you really want. She is trying to please you by making you dinner or whatever it might be. By turning the choice back to her you are taking away her chance to please you. So in away by being a bit more dominant will allow you to please her while she is pleasing you. No I do not meaning please in any sexual sense. Getting someone a drink is pleasing, finding a phone number you need can be pleasing. If she asks for your opinion give it honestly.

    Confidence is another huge attraction.

    However keep in mind it is not always about you, it might be you are just being attracted to the wrong kind of lady and maybe you should take that chance and date someone you would not normally date. You might be amazed at how well that works out =) ... Good Luck

    • thats some good advice, i should try it out. But what i was kind of asking in my question was how come girls dont like me?

    • There is no way for me to answer that and be honest with it. I have not met you and do not know you. For me to answer that I would have to meet you and see how you interact with other people. We all believe we are a certain way, however someone else who has sat on the sidelines may have another opinion. Kind of like 2 friends go on vacation together. The share all the same experiences and 1 comes back saying they had the time of their life, while they other comes back and says they were miserable. There are studies out there about this.

      Bottom line try asking someone out that isn't your norm. Before I met my husband I dated mostly the typical 'bad boy' guy. Then here is this clean cut Navy guy stable job and a gentlemen. I would have never given him a second thought until I decided to break the cycle and see if it was my choices and not just me.

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