How does a person tell if the other woman is jealous of you?

My man and we fight. We have our disagreements that we are both not very proud of when we handle it yet. in our times of fights we spend some time apart but he went to the extreme which in my book is intolerable. I understand it was his moment of weakness, I get that we are humans and make mistakes but there is also a reason why God gave human beings the will to have self-control. Yet this is something that really bugs me him cheating. When I fight or get pissed off I'll admit it I have ranted on Facebook status because its my way of venting not something I am proud of but it does help. He decides to go to another woman because she was "nice". On top of that I had a dream about him cheating with some skinny blond but I didn't think it would be some one we knew. Who'd I introduced him too.

In some ways I feel kind of sorry for her because of the fact she was unaware that we were in a fight he probably told her we broken up just so he can feel a bit better on his side but in reality he feels like a complete jackass just to lead her on thinking it'll be something and yet there is something else... I want to know if anything else occurred when this "thing" happened because what he has told me I don't 100% buy it. I feel like there is more to it and I am the type of girl who straight up and asks without hesitation but she is the sensitive type so my intimidation will drive her away. So I need to find a way to ask without being intimidated.

Yet I sense that she is into my man still... maybe its just me but Some vibe keeps coming from her that she is jealous of me because she can't have him yet wants him. Yet all he did was use her. Its just a one big mess. She keeps sending out signals yet he his done so he says... So what can I do?


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  • It really doesn't matter about her. It's up to you and your guy. If you trust him, then she is irrelevant. If you don't, there isn't much of a point to being with him since trust is the foundation of all good relationships. I always find it odd when people go after the person their significant other is cheating with, when you should be pissed at your sig other. You have a lot to sort out. It really will never matter what kind of signals someone is sending if your guy will stay faithful. She might be jealous of you, but at the end of the day does it matter?


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