The irritation that is 'texting'

Let's say you were texting someone with the hopes of setting up a date. The first day you text for hours and hours. The second day you text for a couple hours. The third day you send a text, and never hear back. The fourth day is the same.

How long would you continue to text without a response, until you give up?

And I know things come up where the other person gets crazy busy. I'm just curious to see how long people would continue to text despite not getting a response. Thanks.

  • 2 more days
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  • 3 -4 more days
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  • 5 days and no more
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Most Helpful Girl

  • how about try calling her? and I see in a comment to a good answer you said that she's at work...well try calling at a time that she's not at work.

    • Re-read that answer, he called me a loser. That's a good answer?

    • No he wrote that SHE may think you're a loser...which might be true [the fact that she thinks you're a loser for texting a lot and not calling, not that you necessarily actually are.]

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What Girls Said 2

  • If I got no response just ONCE...and didn't actually hear from him since...I'd never text him again!

    Why bother...if a person likes you he/she WILL make the time to contact you somehow, sometime...and the sooner the better.

    I wouldn't humiliate myself in that way!

    It' just screams desperation!

    [to me ad least...]

  • I would send one more text on the fourth day and that was it, none of the answers work for me, I'm not waiting two more day even.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well since the answer isn't on your poll, I would say one day. If she doesn't text back for one day, I would stop texting her. Honestly maybe she thinks you're a loser because instead of actually calling her like a human, you texted what would take a few minutes of actual conversation.

    • Wow, are you serious? She was at work genius. Get off your high horse and go be less of a help somewhere else.

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    • "because instead of actually calling her like a human"

      That is all you buddy. You are jumping into your own opinion right there. And it wasn't a week, it was 2 days. Her phone died. So I couldn't call her anyways. Nice try though. Its pretty obvious you value your own opinion to be better than others.

    • Lol, whatever, ur the kid freaking out because a girl hasn't texted you back. I do suggest you call her when its possible, "like a human."

      If I didn't value my own opinion, I wouldn't be giving it.