Online Dating: How do I tell my parents?

Hello! I am 14 1/2 years old.
I have recently been going out with a guy who lives a few states away from me... I have seen his face (Skype webcam, facecam on YouTube and snapchat) and heard him MANY TIMES. He is turning 15 in a few days.
We met in the YouTube gamer community on skype. Usually this is not as dangerous as other community's on the internet.
However there are still perverts, but they are easily solved by blocking.
My other friends, (who I also have seen/heard) introduced me to him.
This boy I met, we have known eachother for awhile and have never met in real life.
We both are falling head over heels for eachother but both take caution when are parents are around when we are talking on skype/phones.
Everytime we video chat... I can see in his eyes he has the butterflies, and the way he looks at me makes me feel beautiful.
We both agree to keep it secret fro our parents for awhile until it gets serious. (I know I'm only 14... It is unlikely it will but have some empathy for crazy teenage love :) )
I know my parents will not take this lightly. If by any chance they want to meet him, (video chat in Skype to prove he's his age) he agreed to do it and so have I.
We are in love... Trust me on this.
But the real problem is, is that this can't be a secret forever.
If we ever end up meeting irl, how can we not tell out parents? It's not possible!
How can we tell our parents without them cutting off our ability to contact eachother?

Thank you for your time... Please help!


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  • Honestly sit your parents down tell them that you like a boy have him on Skype and introduce them enplane to them that you are being responsible and introducing him to them so they can know who you talk to, and let them know that yes they raised you well enough to know the difference between a creepy guy on the net and a 15 year old boy. also tell them that if you and him get more serious then you plan on meeting him and that hope fully one of your parent will be there to make sure you're safe. That will smooth things over then when both of you have done that to each others parents then introduce each of y'all s parents to each other. All of this can be done threw the internet and every thing is done very responsibly witch will give you parents more trust in you. remember have the laptop ready with him on the other end waiting to meet them and answer questions. Your parents love you and don't mind you on the net or talking to guys they just want you safe so let them know that you are being as safe as possible and that is why you are introducing him to them so you can stay safe. tell them you love them because they love you. If need be print this message out before you say anything and wile they are siting and give them bot there own copy's they will understand.

    • meant both not bot in the last sentence. If they do come to read this and you do make the print out make sure they read this " she's growing up and its hard to let go, but know that you thought her right by asking for help and know that she will always be your little girl and love you. just be happy she trust you and listen to her right now so she can keep you in her life." that should help them understand well i have done all i can do good luck dear.

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  • Long distance is never a good idea. Having said that, if your parents are down to earth they will understand. Tell which ever one is the more cool headed of the two. They will tell the other. Meeting him via Skype isn't a bad idea. Your soooooooooo young though. This is a toughy and I'm not a parent. And the love thing, well, good luck with that with your parents too.


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  • 14 1/2? damn! why don't you focus on your studies instead

    • I agree, you're way to young to be focused on dating, especially it it's someone you've never meet in person. Focus on schooling and worry about dating much later in life.

    • so true... i wonder what's going through the minds of those teens...