How to talk to a cute girl on the bus?

There is this cute girl on my school bus that I like. We catch at the same stop and get off at the same stop. She usually keep to herself and listens to music. She also really seems shy and quiet. I really want to talk to her but have no idea about how to do it without making it awkward. We go to different schools. The bus is full of egotastic dicks who used to bully me until I stopped it.
I really want to talk to this girl, how do I approach her?

I'm 15 BTW.


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  • Stand in front of her with this innocent look as if you knew her. Then say, you're from so and so program from professor so and so's class? She'll say oh no, say "get out of here!" "I don't believe you!", "are you pulling my leg", she'll say no so then respond "okay, then what program do you go to?" then just let the conversation flow about aimlessly. You'll have enough time to break the ice.


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  • You're 15 I'm also 15. Maybe I can help you... . How often do you see her? Every day? If yes, that's good. Pretend to search for something in your bag and make sure it gets messy. Ask her to hold something for you and I'm sure she won't refuse. Then once your stop arrives rush off and leave that thing you asked her to hold on with her. Make sure it's something important but you don't need it that day. I wouldn't like you to get in trouble at school or anything... She'll return it to you the next time you meet! I'm sure of it. If that doesn't work, feel free to drop me a message. I'll think of something!!

    • Thanks for that but that won't work. We both get the same stop and her school comes first. She only catches about 3 days a week. Thanks for the help though.

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  • The first thing to do is stop thinking of her as someone of the opposite gender that you could have sex with and start looking at her as just another human being. Seriously, you want the greatest piece of advice I have ever learned about dating? We're all people, we all fuck up, and we all have our problems, and we all get ourselves off to things we wouldn't want the people we know to find out about.

    Take that into account and your dating life will be a lot easier.