Can you live with an ex and just be friends?

I have been dating this guy for a little under two months and things seem to be going well. It took him 3 dates to work up the nerve to kiss me and he is just a really nice guy. He has taken me out for numerous dates and he has been very respectful and funny and we just have a good time together. I spent the entire weekend at his house recently and we seem to be getting quite close and their is strong chemistry between us even though we have not had sex yet. He cooked me breakfast and I cooked him dinner and we spent the entire weekend kissing and cuddling. The thing is he still lives with his ex of six years because they brought the house together. He told me they have been split up for 8 months and she was away when I have been to his house. Do you think I should be worried?, I think it is to early to question him about it. Can you be living in separate rooms with an ex and just be friends? I really like him and not sure of what to do. Do you think that they have both moved on, how can I compete with a girl he's been with for 6 years that is still part of his life?


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  • I think it depends on the people involved. Overall i would say exs can't really live together. It usually leads to jealousy and more hurt feelings when one starts seeing other people. I dont know if living together would make them more likely to get back together. I think it would cause more problems. The 6 years together and only 8 months apart would make me worry tho. Honestly i dont know why ether of them would want to still live together unless they have no option bc of finances. They should sell the house and split it and move on if they are serious about it. Try talking to the guy and expressing your concerns about it and see what he says. Best of luck.


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