Is asking around about a person stalking them or bad?

I just met this guy that I'm talking to and he seems really cool so far. I found out that he goes to the same university as one of my other guy friends. I was going to ask my guy friend if he knew anything about him and if he was a decent guy but I don't know if that's wrong or not? Also I worry about the possibility of my friend saying something to him if he and the guy are friends.


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  • This "stalking" crap is out of hand. Stalking someone is following them around town, parking across the street from their house and watching them, calling and hanging up etc. Asking about someone is not stalking. Yesterday, I asked a former co-worker about another former co-worker that had cancer. Was I stalking him? I think not. If I was following him around and spying on him, that is stalking. For some reason, it has became the "in thing" to call someone a stalker just as calling another person "desperate" is the cool thing to do right now. Google the word stalking and see what the definition is. You will find it is not asking about someone.

    • Thanks =)

    • you're welcome. I wasn't trying to sound mean so I hope you didn't take it that way. I apologize. :)

    • No, I understand what you were trying to say =)

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  • its not stalkerish at all. nothing really wrong with it. but you will have to keep it in the back of your mind that he may find out.

    • Yea I was a little worried about that. I don't know how he would think of me if he found out.

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    • Thank you lol =) hopefully he becomes mine or I find someone better lol

    • either way, it will happen one way or the other:D

  • If you have suspicions, then you have a reason to ask around. Just watch who u ask...


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