Can a long distance relationship kill the relationship?

What are your opinions?

Can a relationship survive?

Or do you think people grow apart?

What if a friend that so happened to be a girl/guy got close to one of the people in the relationship and they talked a lot.

If they fought constantly is that leading to a break up?

I honestly want my friend to be happy but all their is, is constant fighting and I'm trying to be a support for them. But I'm kind of realizing I'm starting to care for them so all I'm doing is supporting the person and giving them advice.


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  • It depends on if it is a permanent long distance or short term.
    when I met my ex wife it was January 10, 1989, I went into the military on Feb 14, 1989 and I came home May 27 and proposed. but I was only in the military 13 months and they offered early release and I took it.
    so if it is short term, it can work.
    if it is not likely they will move close then I don't see it working out.
    I recently was seeing a woman that was really great. she was everything I was looking for.
    but she lives over 40 miles away. I tried to keep that from happening but google didn't give the right distance and I didn't find out the milage until I was driving to her house the first time.
    the issue is there is no quick way to get from my house to hers. I live in an area where there are several expressways... so if I want to go north I can get that distance really fast.
    but I have to go 9 miles on surface streets just to get to the expressway system that takes me to her house. and it is always slow and jammed with traffic. so it is 40 minutes or more to get there.
    So I can't just drop by to see her. or just run over to see her.
    the morning after my first night with her I forgot about rush hour. It had been more then 3 years since I had to drive in rush hour. it took me 1 1/2 hrs to get home. I freaked out. I work from home and was almost late...
    every time I thought of making that drive to her house I just lost most of my desire.
    so if your even farther how do you develop any kind of connection? you can write and text and call all you want but it does not do the same as personal contact. plus there are those little things that you need to find out being close to each other. your weird quirks can't drive someone crazy in a text or on the phone. but it can be a deal breaker if your together.
    also, if it is the guy... there is zero reasons for him to be hanging around with a woman if he is dating someone. zero reasons. unless he is with his gf.
    flip flop that for the woman.


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  • its definitely possible it can survive. but most people seem to grow out of it due to lack of actual in person contact. humans want to see and touch each other. when they don't have that with a person they're interested in they will most likely go looking for it elsewhere.

  • My girlfriend and I are 9.5 months into a long distance relationship. We have met twice, and I'm planning on moving to her area when I can afford it.

    Each of us stopped looking for others a long time ago. We are committed to each other and talking about marriage, so it's definitely possible to have a successful long distance relationship. It might be harder if you don't get to visit each other, though.


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