fellow guys that live with parents, how do you get laid?

Apart from the obvious go to a girls place, how do you mange when it comes to pulling girls when you still live at home with parents.

I moved back home after finishing uni last year and my parents have never really let any of us (me and my siblings) bring girls/guys back, only occasionally if they were longer term partners.

Its awkward because my room is right next to my parents and my sisters room and the walls are thin so there's no sly bringing girls back at night not to mention my dog would alert all to her presence haha.

Plus i have to respect my parents terms as its there house. And until I've saved enough to move what can i do?

Do any of you have similar problems?


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  • couldn't you do it when nobodys home? or rent a motel/hotel. or car sex. or ask friend if you can use their place.

    • Someone's always home in my house as i have parents and siblings and the only time the place is free, im at work. Couldn't ask a a friend that's sly haha, besides they may live at home too. I live in England in small town so motels don't really exist

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    • or since you're in England, a phone booth? hahaa jk! xD

    • I don't drive, Didn't bother when i lived at university and haven't needed to since, saving money instead. Will just have to. ensure a dry spell till i move out lol, or hope her place is free

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  • In the back of da car :3
    Shake that car til y'all flatten da tire x)

  • If you have a car you just fucking in the backseat if it's only a two door Truck you fuck them on the tailgate

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