Hey guys! I need good conversational topics for a first date!!?


I'm going on my first date, since my ex broke it off with me 4 months ago. I really hope this date goes well! Any suggestions as to what I can talk about to get to know the guy & get/keep him interested?

No sexual talk. Serious relationship!


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  • ask him what his favorite sports, sports teams, hobbies are etc. If he ask you a good question, ask him the same. the about family ( brothers, sisters, parents, and what they do)


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  • Sports, movies, Hobbies. Just ask open ended questions I dont really think it depends on the topic. Look up the "book of Questions" those could be some good ice breakers. Another good ice breaker could be 2 truths and 1 lie. Good Luck!

  • I think it is good to leave some room for small pauses and situational dialogue. Like if you are bowling, trash talk him or something.

    Ask him about his interests and favorites. Maybe what he thinks of current events.

    Going to disagree with highlander. With regard to family, ask only generalist questions. Like, if he has any brothers or sisters and is he close to them. Asking where they work seems much to prying for me on a first date.

    Now you tell us one!

  • You don't want to talk controversial topics on your first date.
    You will kill the flower of love before it fully blossoms.

    Please don't be that stupid.

    But if you insist, talk about the deal breakers:

    politic orientation
    family problems
    children (Have you any? Want any? How many?)
    your own weaknesses, genetic diseases, psychological issues
    direct interview style questions like (How much money do you earn? Do you have drug problems?)
    And don't say I love you on the first date. It is creepy.

    Granted those are important.
    If you want a long term relationship, but no one wants to date a police officer on duty at their first date.

    Why do I give a girl dating advice? Usually it is the other way around. Me confused now...


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  • I think you should ask him about his career and what he would like to do and what he does not like to do. I think you should do that because he will feel that you care about him.

  • Don't sell yourself short. You don't need to "keep him interested", he invited you (most likely) so he needs to keep you interested! That being said, it's important to be easy to talk to.. so just talk about whatever he wants to talk about, smile and laugh at his jokes. Generally on first dates you talk about how you met (mutual friends, or the online site you used, etc...), work, movies, tv shows, food you like, hobbies, you can even talk about siblings or family.. If you're connecting they're will be plenty to talk about, if not look elsewhere! Goodluck and remember to have fun :)

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