Will a guy friends father try to set you up on a date with his son?

I have a guy friend who is significantly older than I am. (He's 26, I'm 20) I go to church with his family. Last night I was talking to my friends dad while holding a friends baby. Mr Abeson and I started talking and he said, "so you like babies, do you like sci fi?" We started talking and he kept talking about how his son, my friend, loved sci fi. Then Mr Abeson said, we were going to go to a movie on Saturday, and he invited me to come along with he and his wife and and his son to the movies.
The Abesons have a reputation for being incredibly nice to everyone. But my friend is incredibly close with his parents and is kind of socially awkward. Do you think Andrew told his parents how he feels about me? Do guys tell their parents about their romantic interests if they are super close to them
Was his dad trying to get me to go out with his song on a date in a group setting? Or was he just being nice?


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  • I like this dad. He's a smooth operator. You might not be able to get him to admit it, but yeah on some level Mr. Abeson knows what he's doing. And at the very least his son has mentioned you around the house. To what extent I don't know but if he's into you and close with his parents then he's probably talked about you several times. Maybe he's super private, I don't know.


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