Do guys hate pear shaped bodies?

when i used to be reallyy fat like 143 lbs! lol,. now after loosing 30 pounds now currently 107 lbs,...

when i thot i would loose the weight i thot it would be hourglass type but it turns out it was pearshaped :/

my messuremets, 32b-28-38,
hieght ,5'2

i always wanted a body like britney spears like ima slave for you video type that what got me going on loosing weight and motivated,.. but i look nowere like that,...

but overall i am thin and pettite but pearshaped like,...

i always hear how other people are so grossed out from this body form and never really heared how males see it,...


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  • maybe you just need some toning up after losing the weight. but there are guys out there that totally dig the pear shaped body!


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  • Trust me, I weighted 148 lbs and when I lost 20 lbs I looked a lot better and actually a few guys started paying attention to me and I am pear-shaped too! :D You shouldn't worry. And anyways, the weight loss should be for your own good, not to impress guys.
    Unfortunately, I am back to 148 if not more, due to stress :( But I wanna lose it again.
    Any body shape can be attractive (pear, hourglass etc) if you have confidence! :D


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  • A lot of guys like this.

  • It's better than banana shaped after all...

  • No. After Hourglass, pears are the most popular.

    • really, i did not know that, i thot it wasn't admired at all, thats good to know.

    • Beyonce, Jeniffer lopez and Marylin Monroe are all pears and at one point or another they were pear

    • *at one point or another were popular for their looks

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