Guys what are the signs that you show that you don't want a relationship with a girl? Girls what signs did you notice that show that?

Ok I just wanna know what signs would guys show if he maybe wasn't intrested I'm a relationship he was just kinda stringing you along maybe he had a secret agenda and a relationship wasn't one of them what would u do differently then a girl you were more serious about getting to know? And how did you girls know when your being played or that he wasn't that into? Feel free to answer!


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  • If you are good friends
    He starts treating you like how he treats everyone else.
    He treats you like one of his guy friends :((
    He feels overly comfortable around you, like he dares to burp loudly or sleep in front of you, it's important to feel comfortable around the person you like but if he's like that then it's a clear sign he sees you as a good friend like a sibling type

    If you aren't good friends, like normal friends
    He suddenly becomes cold and sometimes he ignores you
    If you call him he won't pick up or he will pick up and give you monosyllabic responses
    He seems weirdly unenthusiastic in a conversation
    He acts more friendly to other girls

    This is what I can think of for the moment I'll think some more and I'll update you when I get more ideas :))