How do I stop over thinking things?

I've been talking to this guy for about 2 months. He says he likes me and he likes talking to me but I always over think things. I wonder if he's bored of talking to me sometimes, if he still likes me, if it decreased and stuff like that. I was sure about his feelings in month 1 of talking and we've continued to talk and still go out on dates but sometimes I just can't read him. Like I think he could just be talking to me just to talk but end up not liking me. How do I relax and stop over thinking and how can I be sure he still likes me?


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  • don't be so fixated over him which will be hard to do since you like him but what might help is to broaden your horizons. if you're only dating or just talking then try talking to other guys too. keep your options open. or invest in your hobbies.

  • that is a good question.

    i do this 24/7 by nature. but one thing that has really helped me out a lot is meditating. it helps you calm and slow down your mind while focusing on the present moment. it also helps you accept you thoughts for what they are


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