No sex no love what happen? What should I do?

I been with my man for a year now. We live together and lately he hasn't wanted to fuck me or touch me. I tried to come on to him and it's like running into a brick wall. I get no where. I give him back rubs and clean and work. I like to be dressed up even around the house. Yea at times I'm a bitch but what girl isn't. But my problem really is he always saying I'm cheating but he the one that doesn't want me. he pulls away when I kiss him. But he wasn't always like that it only started a couple months ago Is he bored with me is this something we can work through. I'm confused

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  • He is either getting what he needs somewhere else or he is a fool. You didn't mention any signs or concerns about him cheating, so I don't really know what to do with this guy. I have never had this problem. What was your sex life like when you had one with him? How often, good or bad? How long has it been?


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  • It sounds like he's the one cheating. The cheater most often accuses their gf of being the who is cheating. Other end of the spectrum is he could be paranoid. Don't do just nothing find out your facts. There is no better detective than a woman who suspects her man is stepping out on her. Don't confront him till you have cold hard facts.

  • If it's love then u should work on it and try to talk about it with him but if u feel like he isn't the one and u have no real purpose for being with him then u should give up