Which guy would you choose to date?

First Guy: My age. Represents me well with behaviour and interests. Clever and Witty. Has a bachelors, starting out with his career, no drama, would eventually make good husband material and will get along with my family/friends well. Though despite being into the outdoors, he games a LOT, isn't the greatest with 'wooing' girls and having that special chemistry.
-> He'd make a great best friend, lots of potential. It would take time to build friends into a relationship for I'd have to iron him out into woman's man.

Second guy: 30. Kind and sensitive. Very smooth with woman as being polite and showing interest/caring. Has a bachelors, stayed at a job for 8 years and worked his way up. Interested in the outdoors but has different interests/personality that me (unlike the first). Probably ready to settle down and have a family, which I really like though I wouldn't want kids for several more years. Only con -he previously married a party girl that was an absolute witch (by what everyone else says), and now he's a 'kind and sensitive' battered man with an ex-wife.
-> I'm attracted to him for his age, the woman's man with experience, he'd meet emotional needs and would meet my interest in settling down. I don't care about the difference in personality/interests, though this may change over time.

Which do you think would be the best choice?


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  • Wow, Gotta say I wouldn't choose either of them. Because you are not ready. Not once in this whole question did you say what was in your heart or even if you loved them. You make it sound like you are trying to decide white or wheat bread.

    • I would say the same

    • Agreed wholeheartedly!

    • I met them recently and it's still in the process of building friends. I'm quite guarded when it comes to my heart. Thirdly, I don't want to lead both of them on and then once I decide my fav, kick the other to the curb. I'd rather make my intentions from the beginning.

      But if you REALLY wanna know the heart details -> The first it would take time to build. I believe you could love anyone and although I'm not immensely attracted to him presently, I can see that it would come in time, and he might be the best fit for me. The second guy, I've been thinking about constantly since I met him, I adore his gentle nature. But this 'oxytocin' love feeling could be from his skill with 'wooing' woman, and because he did have an ex, I don't want to be lead into a dangerous relationship. Cause love can be blinding.

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