He texts me, he texts me not... is he into me or just friendly?

I recently met this guy (whom I met through friends) and started chatting with him on facebook. He immediately responded and asked for my phone number and we sent each other some messages since.. He also sent me some messages first thing in the morning, just to say something. I get the feeling he likes me, when I see him he seems to be flirting, but then he also sometimes doesn't text me back (he does when I send him a real question, but not always to a random message). But he does send me random texts and double texts me if I don't respond..
Is he just not such a texter as I am? Or is he not that interested?

Maybe I should add that he is currently extremely busy with work (he works irregularly and long shifts because it is project-based), so that might also be why he doesn't always text back immediately I think..


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  • It could be he's keeping the options open and talking to a few girls at the same time. Usually if I am hot and cold it can be because I'm juggling between 2-3 different people. If this is the case, you may find that you are not be at the top of his priority.


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  • Imagine texting was a real in person convo. Every comment does not require a reply. Somethings are simply informative or passing in value. That is one way of looking at it. Also, if every text required a response, no one would ever be able to put there phone down. It'd be a world of infinitext.

    "(he does when I send him a real question, but not always to a random message)" - case in point.

  • mmm I think its a little too early to tell right now. give it some more time. see how things progress if they do.


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