Being frightened when approached?

well Hi there, am girl and I have never been on a date... am a social person but every Guy I meet scares me for different reasons.. one they approach in a aggressive manner and two when they like me they start already talking about what they would make of me if i was in a relationship, for example once a guy said "once me and you are married you will be a house wife"... i have always been taught to be independent at that little comment made me retreat.


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  • That's a whole lot of losers who approached you. To be honest, don't even give them your notice until they learn how to be respectful, don't hang alone, a lot of guys are just mean.

    • thank you, do you think if am alone they may try something... because when i do see a disrespectful guy i put my 'angry face on' LOL its not the best idea my friends and some family members say so... but i hate feeling as if someone is cornering me,
      thank you so much for the comment :)

    • Put on a fake gold ring and point to it every time a guy approaches you with disrespect. Most will back off, if they don't, you've always got cops and authorities to carry his ass out.

  • Those guys are creepy.. no wonder u feel intimidated. I thought every cutie in here like confidence so how can it scared u '-'


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