Should I stop seeing this guy?

I've been having really serious conversations and really hot make out over the clothes stuff with a guy who got divorced six months ago. He always asks me to leave when things get really hot and I don't want to rush him but I definitely wanna do it with him. He says he's not ready yet and doesn't want to hurt me or lead me on. But he still wants to talk to me and "see my face!!" Yes he had the exclamation marks. We have a lot in common with our values and the make out over the clothes stuff is very hot. Should I stop being friends with him if he says he's not ready but his actions suggest otherwise?

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  • If you can remain friends without falling for the guy while he recovers from his divorce, then by all means. But you should definitely date or be open to dating other guys in the interim.

    But, if you can't prevent your feelings for him from progressing, then I say cut ties with the guy until he is ready to date.


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