Is it possible to turn a random encounter into something more or not?

I randomly ran into this girl on Saturday night , was sitting at bar and she and her friend came and sat beside me. its a bar I don't normally go to and she doesn't live here permanently from what she said , family has a cottage in area they visit during summer. but she seemed like a really nice girl and make a great gf

but anyways I though things went really well but it was pretty random and she was only maybe beside me for 15 minutes and then they left to go somewhere else. at the time I didn't realise how much she interested me and now I have that urge to want to see her again. I never asked for her # at the time as I though it might be best to wait and that I'd see her somewhere else again soon anyways as she's around and goes to a lot of the same places I go at night from what she said.

but if I manage to find her again somewhere do you think its possible to turn this into something more serious or I'm I just wasting my time? I mean we don't really know each other beyond that one conversation at bar but she seemed kinda interested


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  • Of course, get the digits this time tho!!!

    • I know but digits only part of the problem , you think there could of been enough of a connection from that encounter? she was good looking I'm sure she meets a lot of people

    • How will you know if you don't try? You felt a connection, who knows if she did. Find out!!!

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