Why do people use words that make them look like they know the future?

This guy broke up with me but he is a married man. He didn't call things due to a problem between us personally. Something else happened and now his family knows about me and how him and I were involved with each other and he couldnt take the risk of something else happening so he decided to stop seeing me. It was hard though because we both care about each other and are sexually compatible. We are currently not over each other. I told him though that if he ever wants to hook back up with me I'm here and thats when he said "it won't" I hate that wording because he doesn't actually know what could happen. Why do people say something "won't ever happen" or "never will" etc... When they really don't know?


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  • It doesn't mean that it won't happen. He means he doesn't want it to happen and he'll try to avoid. Been there. Done that. He'll be back when his dick gets hard and he realizes his wife is still a bitch. Don't take him back though lol


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