Guys if you haven't talked to a girl in a week and ignores the text she sent you about hanging out, she shouldn't try to contact you right?

We were kind of in a relationship. I asked him to chill a week ago but he never responded. I see his friends around at parties or at the store but I haven't seen him but I know he's doing fine. I'm afraid to contact him since the chances are pretty good that hell reject me right? Like he would have contacted me if he wanted to chill


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  • He is licking his wounds feeling rejected. Let him be. You told him to back off, and he has. Don't pour salt in his wounds or give him false hope. Just let him be.

    • no, by chill i meant hang out w me

    • If after a week he hasn't responded, he isn't interested

  • ye he wudda contacted you if he wanted to chill.


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