How to catch a guy's eye this year?

I'm starting my senior year of high school and still have yet to ever have a boyfriend or something of that sort. Any ways I can dress, act, or do to catch someone's eye this year? I want a good high school dating experience before I graduate. Thanks!


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  • Just be confident and happy in yourself. Being yourself will speak volumes. Happiness and confidence in you will show your beauty.
    If you see a guy you are interested in, talk to him. Don't force anything to happen. Just have fun and let life happen. No expectations.
    When you least expect it, the important people will show up.


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  • If the picture in your avatar is you, then first of all you are catching all kinds of eyes. You just don't notice them. Or maybe they aren't the ones you want. There's always cheerleaders. You could do that.


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