I don't want to be friends and he doesn't want a relationship so why does he keep calling me?

I met a guy on line a couple years ago. We had great chemistry and great conversations but he ended up in a relationship with some one else. I was on line so that made sense. After 9 months he called me to hang out. he wasn't ready for another relationship and wanted friends with benefits. I tried it but told him I wasn't this type of girl. I ended the relationship. I admit a month later I called and told him I missed hanging out and we saw each other for another few months. but I still wanted a relationship so I ended it. I found out he was on-line dating at the same time which I was not ok with, not one but 2-3 other sites. Since then he contacts me and invites me over. I have respected him that he doesn't want a relationship with not texting him not calling, I pick up to talk but it's getting boring to just hear about his life. He is very busy... I asked him in February to stop calling me, even encouraging him to see other people and 3 weeks later he contacted me, called 5 times and left message asking me to call I called him and he wanted to know if I could help him paint his bathroom, He then told me I was the one he wanted and he loves me. We tried again but I still want a relationship and he is tired of explaining to me he doesn't want one and he is busy. Again we had a huge blow out and I told him to go *%^$ himself. He calls 2 weeks later thinking I had a bad day? 2 months later after avoiding him in person and talking about once a week I told him that I was bored and didn't want to hear from him, could he stop calling. he was in agreement. I get a call from him 7 days days later asking if I want to hang out and that he misses me, wants to make plans for the weekend, then ignores me. After confronting him I asked if he could delete my number which he agrees to. why on earth does he want to be my friend and will he stop contacting me? I fell for him years ago why? not sure its just one of those things. I am ready to move on. I find him confusing.


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  • Maybe he likes u in different kinda way

    • ? Can you explain,
      I get, that I fun to hang out with, he likes talking to me and he's open to be friends with benefits? But if he's on line dating what is the big deal if I move on. Also what do I get out of the friendship if everything's on his terms?

    • It's never about what u get
      Its about how happy he can keep u and understand u.
      Well if u r not interested in him them keep him in Friend zone and move on.

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