He asked me on a second date, but hasn't contacted me in over a week?

So this guy John really liked me right, he used to always flirt with me every time he saw me, he would compliment everyday, he would invite me out all the time but I never had the time nor was I interested at the time because I was dating a mutual friend. So after he asked me out about 5 times, I finally agreed and said we should go out, turns out I really like him, he likes me, and he now knows about me dating our mutual friend, but I told him I wasn't talking to him anymore. Our date went really well, however he rarely contacts me. Like our date was about 2 weeks ago and within that time frame he hasn't contacted me at all, I initiated contact with him, and he responded but he doesn't initiate. But when I see him in person he is all over me again. Is it because I rejected him those 5 times prior or is he just talking to somebody else?


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  • I have the same problem with a woman I met online, two awesome dates and she showed interest in a third. Its been about a week with nothing in response to texts I send.

    Looking at it from the other side of the glass I think he is interested and for some reason he isn't pulling the trigger. As a dude dating these days I have learned that there are rules for contacting people after a date or two. My brother holds to the theory that people can come back after months and want to do something. Personally I would ween him from your contact, see if he will send something on his own. Did he use to initiate contact with you before the date?

    • He did contact me before, but since I was caught up on someone else, I never really gave him the chance, but we would always flirt when we saw each other and he would still ask me out. He once said to me he didn't want me to feel he's desperate. So I don't know if thats what it is but come on lol

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    • I mean yea but come on dude 2 weeks lol =/

    • I see your point, I can't think of a reason for him to do this. I would wait until you see him in person and try to show your interest in going out again. Maybe subtly joke with him about how you were thinking about him the other day/night. Let him know you think about him when he isn't there. Most dude dig that kind of stuff.

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