I haven't heard from him since he asked me out again! WHY?

We went on a date and I thought it was fun. After the date, he texted me saying that it was great to meet me and that we should do it again!

3 days later, he texted me again to see how my weekend was when I was available to meet up again. I said my weekend was good, asked him how his was and then proposed a day to meet up.

It has been 2 days now and no word from him. What happened? Why text to setup a date and not follow through? I proposed we meet on Wed and it is now Monday night and nothing from him. I am confused!


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  • Only two days? You are probably just over-analyzing and worrying too much... two days is nothing, especially for a guy in what I presume is a similar age range or slightly older than you - I mean, I work and am generally very busy so when I was dating going a week without texting was pretty normal to me.


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