He won't stop talking about his ex girlfriend, does that mean he miss her?

I'm talking to this guy on Facebook and out the blue he accused me of being his ex girlfriend. He been talking about her for 3 days now. He say stuff like "prove this you" I tell him this is me. Down the conversation road he asked for my number. I gave him my app number and he said "prove this is you" are you with her texting me from apps"? I told him that for the billionth time this is not your ex or whoever she is. "If you know her every move do you think this will be her" he said ya because she be texting and calling me from apps she be doing the most" I responded back to him. He told me I might gotta take a risk to call and prove who I am. The only thing I told him at the very beginning of this conversation is that I think he's cute and I seen him around. Next thing you know he's talking about this girl. He even asked did I know her.

After I told him about how he misses her... he say "who miss a girl that stalk and follow them hell I got a girl" but he tried to flirt with me


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  • He has issues. Just let go, for your own safety.

    • If someone is stalking you you don't do this and then call her a stalker and say she following you. Apparently you miss her you bypassed all the girls and chose me. He said she not suppose to be contacting him because of court orders ok then why don't you report that

    • He clearly has a problem being paranoid with his ex gf. He is acting really dangerous and if i were your brother, i'd tell you to stop trying to talk to that dude. I understand that you like him or whatever, but his mind is clearly somewhere else.

    • He been talking about his ex for 3 days now. He didn't tell me this at first about her. He wrote me out the blue

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  • If a guy keeps bringing up his ex, he's probably not the right kind of guy to hang around with. It just means he didn't get over her.


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  • Wow... Just leave it alone.
    Personally, I'd have been outta there.
    Issues issues issues issues issues.

    • I was like wth at first but now I'm just looking shocked

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    • You don't write me on Facebook out the blue asking me do I know your ex after you just called her 3 times. That girl is my sister that's what he unaware of

    • He might sort of know somehow coz it's funny that he would call her then straight away ask you if you know her.
      Does your sister know you're talking to him?

  • Doesn't make him miss her, but makes him suspicious of her because she may of stalked him in the past. However, you should move on. He even said he has a girl.

    • He wrote me and when I was honest with him he got mad. He alreDy has sum girl on his Facebook page. He has 3 pages.

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