When to ask the 'what are we' question?

I really like a girl I've been speaking too for around a month. I've been on 5 dates with her and she has stayed over at mine once. We speak quite a lot daily and I'm confident she likes me too.

My question is do I need to speak about exclusivity/the idea of going out with each other or is this something that will just occur naturally. If you think I should then any suggestions at to how I should go about asking her? We are both 22 if that helps


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  • You're still in the early stages and I think the daily talks should put your mind at ease as to whether there's any other guys on the scene ;). If you're serious about her, just be mature say "I think we should be exclusive" or "I like you and I want to be official". Don't try to slip it in since life is not a movie and it could backfire.


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  • Depends mate.
    If your happy with how things are and you want to play it 'cool' don't bring it up. There's no need to label it

    But then on the flipside, you prob don't want her seeing other guys, but if that's not an issue or your sure that isn't happening then don't worry about the chat. Wait for her to bring it up

    • Cheers thats good advice pal! I am happy with how it is now, and she won't be seeing other guys I'm pretty sure of that! I'll let her bring it up or see what happens in the future!

    • Glad I could help! If you got a good thing going, don't rock the boat! Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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