It was love at first sight yet we met through an online dating site?

I met this guy through an online dating site.
We decided to chat later on Skype and after a few minutes of chatting,
He told me that i was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he actually asked me if i would ever marry him.
After afew days of knowing each other, he's now told me how much money he earns and he also wanted to know how much money i made.
He is the sweetest guy i've ever known, he makes me feel wanted, loved, appreciated and am actually in love with him.

It's only been afew days and all this has happened between us.
Could he be the right guy?


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  • It's called lust at first sight. Yes, you can click quickly with someone, but love is developed with time.
    Not saying this couldn't be it. Just moving too fast can also be bad. If people are desperate just to have someone, they can dive in, lose themselves and not develop a healthy relationship.
    Go slow and steady. Get to know each other. Be realistic with what it is, where its going, and what you each need and want.
    Love is a great thing, but don't take it lightly.


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  • somethings not right about that. he wants to marry you after only knowing you a short time, and he wants to know how much you make? very shifty.

  • Love at first sight does not exist.
    Lust at first sight does.

    You cannot love someone that soon. And the fact that he's asking money questions is a big red flag.


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  • Idk... I had a bf that I loved online and then we spent real time together and :spbltpftbbbb: Nope. Hahahaha.

    And moving that fast... another red flag.

    There's a paced fast, that I believe in, but... this quick? Eeeehhh. Idk.