Does this guy like me or has he found someone else?

there is this guy that came into my work, asked for my number then we talked on the phone at night for 6 months as well as texting, he is 19 while i am 16 (month of 17) and he lives 1.5 hours away. about a month ago he implied that he liked me sometimes says he loves me (rarely) and never really brought it back up again however. Plus about a month ago he was saying i should hurry up and get my P's (licence) so we can hurry up and date! 2 weeks ago he drove to my house and gave me a rose and 3 boxes of chocolates then we spent the day together, he brought lunch then we cuddled in bed watching a movie and kissed a couple times, he drove home and call me that night then every night and we talked and texted up until a week ago when he stopped replying to me and didn't call. i texted him asking if i did something wrong but he said he was working a lot and and had some family things going on.

do you think he stopped liking me? never liked me at all? or doesn't want a relationship or whatever, because i want an actual relationship but he has asked...
I'm so confused, i want him to know that he can talk to me about his family issues, i will listen to whatever he has to say but if it is just because of another girl i just want him to be honest and let me of the hook! it will hurt but at least i will know :(


I was texting him a bit yesterday but he seemed a bit distant. He still didn't call though, even though we were texting a couple hours before the time he usually calls


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  • He's probably legit busy, don't worry about it. Also, it's kinda expected for communication to slow down after the whole infatuation thing blows over.


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