I've started dating this girl I've known for months and we are very good friends, but some other guys is in the picture until tomorrow?

I've started dating this girl (call her acy) and we talked and have said we are exclusive to one another. We have been good friends for months and get along well and decided to try things. I liked her when we first met, and it was too fast for her, but two months passed and she wasn't interested so I gave up. It seems at this point she started liking me and I started seeing another girl at the time, but just coffee and Stacy was sick to her stomach saying she liked me but I didn't feel the same way yet for her and wanted to give this ago.
Couple of months passed, nothing ended up happening and the college semester was over and I decided I should reconsider our stance. I decided to go with it and I've fallen for her all over again, on Sunday we went on a date and we were holding hands and kissing - had dinner and saw a movie. she told me I was her best friend and she has strong feelings for me.
But before I decided all of this she met this guy (call him Aaron) and he was a gentleman to her and they were holding hands and hanging out every few days. Then I told her about my feelings, she told me she met Aaron and she explained she liked me. She also said he is too short and not very attractive.
So we usually talk all day, every day. I haven't heard much from her and she went to a museum with Aaron yesterday in the morning, spent the afternoon with him and all night with him, and both her and Aaron stayed at her sisters place.
Aaron has apparently made a few moves on her, she has told me and has rejected his advances. She says she is hanging out with him this much because he is moving away for 5 years to study in another state.

It's eating me up inside, thinking that they may be doing something together, or having a secret short-term love relationship before he goes, even though it's not in her nature (as long as I've known her) and she told me she hates cheating.


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  • If he's moving, let her hang out with him. If you really hate how much time they are spending with each other, sit Stacy down and CALMLY tell her how you feel. Don't jump to conclusions about it.
    At the end of the day, if she wants to be with you, she'll be with you. If a close friend is moving for 5 years and she wants to hang as much as she can, ask her if you can tag along sometime. Don't exclude yourself from the situation.

    • But is it normal to be spending this much time if they've only known each other for a few weeks?

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