Has she lost interest or is she just playing game to make me more interested?

So this girl and I have been chatting everyday for 2 months straight, we've met up and had a really good, even kissed. A couple of days ago, she was flirting with the most she ever had, we stayed up until 2am chatting. However in the last 2 days, all her replies have been short, and she just seems disinterested; which she has never been before. We're meeting up again this weekend at a party this weekend, and I'm just think that maybe she's lost interest, or perhaps she's acting it to just make me more keen. Thoughts?


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  • Chatting every single day makes it boring, less interesting. If you don't text her for a a few days it makes her think more about you, bc she'll wonder why you didn't. The more she thinks about u, the more she'll be interested. It really works, believe me. Now, she's confusing you, doesn't matter why, but you still have a chance, so start confusing her a little bit now, just for a short time...


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