4.5k miles and I love him more than life?

Ah so I like this guy, lol. He lives approx 4.5k (4500) miles away... I met him online... He doesn't know my age... He isn't into online dating & long distance... And I like him. A lot. His time zone is about an hour ahead. He's like the sweetest person ever. Omg. Haha I'm obsessed. The thing with the "doesn't know my age" is that I live under assumption. Whenever people ask me my age I just say "what do you think" and when they guess I say "whatever floats yo boat" so they assume they guessed right. Oops. Ha. I'm kinda very extremely stupid for doing that. I just don't feel comfortable when people know my age. Anyway, we have both opened up to each other and I know for a fact that we both trust each other. I just don't know what to do because he doesn't like online dating + long distance. Giving it a try wouldn't hurt but I don't want to lose a good friend. It may sound silly and stupid because we met online; but I've personally met my best friends and people I trust a lot online, it sucks though because we're all so far apart. Gah I keep going off topic. Sorry if this didn't make any sense. I can clarify if anyone has questions. I just need. Help haha. Thank you soooosososososososososooooo much!!!


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  • I wouldn't do it but that's just me


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  • all good relationships start with a ton of dishonesty, time to grow the hell up!


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  • So, how old is he? And how old does he think you are?
    I don't really know, he lives so far away from you. And you obviously can't sleep at his place, if you decide to visit him. It's just very complicated, and there is a very big chance he isn't at all as you think..

    • He's 3 years older than me and he thinks I'm 1 or 2 years younger. Should I tell him my ACTUAL age? I honestly don't know. My age on here is incorrect but I don't feel comfortable saying my actual age. (I never am haha) but I am still a teenager so is he ^.^

    • So how old are you?