She flaked on our date so is it over?

At first I was trying to get with this girl but she's 24 and I'm 20 so she wasn't really feeling it then her best friend started talking to me a lot and kind of flirting through twitter, anyways I got her number and set up a date at 10 am but she overslept and missed the date and I got super depressed about it because this girl is an amazing catch. Now like a couple weeks later she will sometimes talk to me on Twitter and send me snapchats but I'm trying not to let myself get sucked in again. What should I do?


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  • I would try asking her out again, and I know this may be difficult but try not to be so attentive towards her. I think that she thinks that she got it like that.

    • Yessss that's exactly it I don't wanna show her attention but at the same time I really like her so I don't know what to do

    • Lol... My advice: Try asking her out again, but make an agreement so that the date isn't too early in the morning..

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  • I'd give her another chance. Ask her out one more time. Then, if she flakes, she gets NO conversation from you after that point.