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Is he losing interest? guys help please?

This guy and I have been talking for about roughly a month and a half. We have only met up 4 times and i really like spending time with him and talking to him but i feel like he is losing interest in me. We were suppose to hang out Sunday that just past but he said he was busy and was really sorry and feels really bad an hopefully he can see me soon. I dont know if he is really busy or just not interested in me anymore. He use to wake up and text me and try to text me through out the day now the text are spread hours apart and he doesn't really text first anymore i have to initiate it. He told me when we first started talking that he wasn't going to lead me on because i told him once he is losing interest to let me know because i deal with that better. He told me he didn't want to start anything with me untill my ex is completely out the picture ( there's a situation with that that is complicated) but my ex and i have nothing going on and he knows that. So im stuck thinking he is losing interest in me or doesn't want to ever move on to the next step ever. he does text back but its not constant back and forth is more like it takes a couple of hours. i know he isn't obligated to reply and i should be glad he does but how can i tell. should i just be straight forward and ask him or tell him. i dont want to come off weird since its only been a month and a half but i feel like we haven't hung out enough. I don't know im just stuck right now. i told him before i wasn't in a rush just whenever it happens it happens but thats when i thought i wasn't going to feel so strong i really like him. i need all opinions guys! please and thanks
Is he losing interest? guys help please?
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