Do you think he likes me and why has he not asked me out?


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Is this what a guy does when he is into a girl?
Guy I see around stares, smiles , seems fidgety. Always makes a convo and even when I do not carry it on he manages to find a way to talk and ask
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He always asks how i I am, and if I look down he wants to know why. When I passed by his shop, he was serving people and when it came to my turn he was like hello gorgeous sorry couldnt help but stare before. I smiled did not know what to say.

He does seem unsettled in my presence and I catch him staring at me from across his shop. He turns his head then. one time I went to the supermarket where he works he said hey how are you in a busy store where he was serving many people but looking at me and talking to me. He was serving them fast and seemed to not want me to disappear quickly.

Another time I walked in and he was in a deep convo with a few people. One customer and some staff talking about countries etc. An when I came to
The counter he said to them ok I dont care now princess is here. An he turned to me and smiled. Next time he saw me he was singing then when I went to pay him he did not pick up the coin he held my hand for a bit then took it. He tried to be subtle but I felt closer to him. I did not want him to let go. An as I am shy I do find it hard to talk to a guy I like. So when a guy says to me hey how are u i I just say fine. An the guy said to me one time when he said how r u an iI said good how are you he said thats more like it. So he wants me to make effort right? What do I do next I want his number but he always working when I see him so seems inappropriate?


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  • isn't his sign obvious? >.>

    • Which sign lol?

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    • Its simple and u can't guess it? '-'

    • Lol. its not English so it does. not look obvious to me

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  • Nothing's inappropriate if it can be asked for in a gracious manner. Asking a number is how you get a relationship going, so don't wait.

  • you really should ask for his no. don't be afraid since you're pretty much very close already
    just be brave
    maybe you should go to his shop when there's very little people
    or you can tease him by doing the call me sign while he's serving you but is very busy

    • Really what do you mean I am close already. I do go in when there's little people and we talk and flirt even when its busy he talks and turns to me while serving others.

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    • ow ok then good luck next time :D

  • he is probably not ready yet or doesn't know the right time. he also may see that you are not showing enough interest in him for him to actually want to start a relationship


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  • He sounds really interested! Why don't you make the first move? Ask him for his number. If he calls you gorgeous, he must not mind giving you his number.

    • Hi yeahi think so too. Just so shy and worried he may reject. Low self esteem I guess

    • Aw yeah I can imagine... still, he sounds really nice! What have you got to lose, right? Good luck :)

    • No guy has ever made me feel so special the way he does and we have not even hungout yet. he makes me feel like I am worth talking to. Scared I've blown it though. Not seen him in weeks been so busy. Yeah he's really nice from what I know of him so far. Very true I will go for it :)

  • u get to know him first dont be ummm... like really getting things FAST hold on trust me as long as u waited as best as the results are.