I just joined a dating site and I'm getting loads of messages how do I pick who to reply to? it's really hard to make that decision from?

a first impression!!!
so I just joined a dating site and i'm getting lots of messages, barely have time to read everyone's profile and communicate with them


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  • That's impossible. manonfire assures me that dating for men and women is identical.

    • Hahaha. Kinda like Norah Vincent trying to date girls as a guy. (She's a fairly immasculate reporter who decided to live as a man for several months and write about it.) She thought flirting with girls as a man would work the same as flirting with girls as a woman. She figured "I'm a woman in a man's body. I have a serious edge over all the guys in this room."

      She said her actual experience was deeply insulting and degrading. She felt like a jester trying to impress royalty. In several cases, she got sick of it and admitted she was actually a woman. Suddenly, everything that had earned her a glare before earned her a smile.

      She called it the second-worst experience she had during her time as a man. Right behind sinking into depression from the cognitive dissonance of acting like the other gender.

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  • Delete the ones that start out with "Your hot" ,"Wanna (Anything)" and such. I would respond to the one that starts out by saying hi. Ask for a penis pic and only respond back to the ones who don't send it. Could be fun. You get to see naked people and you get to chose one who's mind isn't just on getting it on. Or give yourself three criteria.. Tall, Short, Bald whatever and go from there.

    • "Ask for a penis pic" hahaha that's hilarious, is that what you usually do with girls? well I'm deleting the weird messages, and I'm still stuck with a huge number of people who are sending me long meaningful messages and i can't reply to everyone of them everyday it's time consuming so i feel like im obliged to pick when i don't even feel like it. is replying to one person a day a good idea?

  • try replying to them all. that could be fun.


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