Can you tell me if this ok for me to do? Something is telling me it will work?

This girl and I talked for a month til she broke it off with me. She said she needed time and space cause she just getting out of a rough 4 1/2 year relationship so I respected that and left her alone. A week ago today she text me and we talked til 2 a. m. like we did when we were going out that month. She told me how much she missed me and how she'd been thinking about me a whole lot. So I threw it out there if she'd like to start hanging out again. And she said she'd like to do that. So we made plans to go out Saturday night. I text her a couple days later to see if we were still on for Saturday night. I never heard back from her til late Friday night. She told me she just needed to talk to me that she felt horrible. I asked what was wrong and she told me she couldn't go Saturday night that she had to be honest with me that she had been talking to her ex on and off again. That broke my heart. This is the second time she's left me to go back to her ex. She said she feels like all she's done is hurt me and she didn't want me to be waiting on her that she doesn't know what she wants that she needs to see how the next couple months play out for her. I was nice and told her I'd be here for her if she needs anything or needs to talk I'd be there for her. So... this has killed me. I just have this gut feeling she is making a terrible decision and I just want her in my life. So, feel like I need to write this letter to her, to express my feelings about her and how I'm the better guy for her than her ex boyfriend. But, make the letter seem like it's not from me like it's from someone else telling her what she needs to hear. Is that weird? I think it's a good idea. What do you think?


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  • It sucks to be in your situation, but I don't think the letter is a good idea... and nobody writes letters nowadays so I'm pretty sure she'd know it's you.. lol. I don't think you should go for this girl anymore. Even though you like her a lot, it seems like her relationship with her ex is gonna go on for a while...

    • Yeah... it just sucks so bad, I liked her so much and did so much for her and just had this great feeling about her. It just hurts...

    • I'm so sorry :(

    • It's ok, I just feel like I need to find another girl to hangout with to get her out of my mind because she's all I think about.

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  • Bad idea!!! The only way she is going to really realize that this ex is not right for her is when everyone leaves her alone to discover it on her own. Until then she will never be anywhere close to a new relationship. When she does get rid of this guy she will need time to learn to love herself again and anyone in that timeframe will only be a rebound.

    If your always there for her she will never have to worry about losing you. I have this issue with guys as because I care and want to be there for them I look weak and they think I will never leave.

    People don't smarten up unless they have to. Also always being there can get u in the friend zone so be careful.

    Best thing to do is stay clear until she figured her shit out which could take years. If you don't you will never really get what you want from her.


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