Any girls who don't require flirting to ask out?

I'm looking for a girl who is very serious about everything. I'm not like those couples who shove and tickle each other playfully. You call it fun, it's not fun to me, it's offensive as I take every word and action in my life serious and blunt.

I hate playing the flirting game with girls such as knowing what to say in a conversation. I would prefer just to go up to a girl and say "Hey, I like you. Want to go out?"

If anyone tells me sarcastically "You're crazy", I'll tell them "What!! I never went to therapy in years! You're so mean!"

That's the way I operate. And no, words don't come from my heart naturally, I have to think of what to say like a computer has to compose a code to display. I am extremely anxious and make a huge worry about anything that doesn't go right and feel like giving up. Like if I get $7 per hour instead of $8 per hour, I say to myself "I'm a big loser and I get paid less because they know I'm retarded and the definition of a failure in life" This is my personality.

Also I have Asperger's syndrome and I don't pick up cues like other people do. It's a weakness that I can't fix no matter how hard I try, common sense lacks within my actions.


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  • Flirting isn't as complicated as you may think. Just a simple smile and looking in her eyes can tell her you like her and make her feel special. Shyness is attractive sometimes, even if you're scarred give her a compliment, tell her you like her earrings or her shirt. If she is mean just brush it off, but chances are she will be nice and say thank you... If she doesn't ask you a question back or keep talking then she is probably just not interested or is too shy. If so, continue to be friendly and end the conversation. Keep practicing because you will get more and more confident with each interaction.


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  • I don't have a stick up my ass. Sorry.

  • You dont have to flirt to meet girls just bring up a serious topic and talk to them if you do this you might attract smart girls too

  • Try meeting girls in a library


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