Where to meet girls, busy grad schooler?

I'm 6feet, good body, decent look, ... buuuut introverted. Not shy though. I'm in grad school and busy. I want a relationship Where to meet girls?

thanks for your responses ladies. Interesting... I don't know what school you're in but girls are scarce in my department and a few others I have connection in. So what you mean by try harder? I would spend all of my short free time


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  • are there not ladies in your classes?

    • Exactly. There are more women in grad school then there are men. If you're as good looking as you say you are you shouldn't be having any problems. there are good quality women where you are too... try harder.

    • Yeah. What he said! :D

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  • Other grad students

    I was in grad school and while it's busy between being a TA and taking classes, there's always time to socialize

  • Haha I have the same issue. I'm in grad school as well but I'm a girl. And most of the other people in my program are girls so it's really hard to meet guys. I don't have an answer for you... just thought I'd let you know there are other girls out there on the same boat :P


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