Our first meeting is this week! Help decode this please. Tinder Dating, hookup or legit dating?

I met him on tinder. Great convo. I deleted my account he gave me his number. Great convo continues days after. He refers to me as beautiful, me to him as handsome. We seem to be continuing to hit it off in conversation. We make plans to meet. It has been a week now of flirting, good conversation and jokes... Tonight he said, "Goodnight babe :)" -- tell me. Is that fact it is so soon a sign of player tendencies or is it him legit being interested in me? I dated a lot of douches and don't want to go down the wrong path again. What does babe mean so early? -- yeah I am likely over thinking it but bring peace to my mind and elaborate for me lol thanks.


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  • It probably just means he's a confident guy, once you meet up with him you can decide if he's a douche or not for yourself.

  • From what I gather that website has a bit of a hook up factor to it. A lot of girls state that they aren't dtf.

    If he starts getting too close just make sure you make it aware that you aren't one of those girls or otherwise he will just keep on coming at you


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