I am virgin and introvert, How to have an affair with a female expat, preferably American or European or Russian?

My name is Sherif, I am 32 years old Egyptian male, living in Cairo, Egypt. I am single, never had any kind of relationships before, and I am virgin. I want my first sexual experience to be with American or European girl, or even mature lady, but also, I am very shy, lack self cinfidence, and introvert, I will never be able to know a girl and intriduce my self. So..., PLEASE HELP ME.


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  • Don't be too forward. Your country has a reputation as being filled with sexual harassment. I know your government is working to end the problem, but reputations like that tend to stick for a while. If you are too quick to try to woo a foreign woman she will probably view you as just another cat caller and get scared. Do not be too quick to ask a woman out. Rather I would suggest visiting places that have a lot of expats. Strike up conversation and get to know her. Be very open about who you are and listen to what she has to say about herself. Then when you both feel like you know each other very well (this make take a lengthy period of being friends with her). Then you could try asking her out. Or she might ask you out.

    • I will definitely not be able to WOO a girl or woman, and I don't think I can scare any body, actually, I am a little uncomfortable or worried talking to girls or women, this is a big part of my problem, knowing girls and talking to them is very hard for me, and I have liked some girls before, and never said anything to them. Dealing with expats, since I am searching for expat girl, is of course the logic thing to do, but I get a little afraid when talking to foreigners, and feel as if my English language proficiency decreases, and can't say what I want. It's toooooooo complicated, and it's a problem that existed in my whole life, since childhood may be :)))

    • just try to be yourself, is all I can tell you, shyness is hard to overcome, but like any other fear one needs to try to conquer it

  • How tall are you

    • I am 170 cm, about 95 or a little more kg, have extra weight, but willing to work out, of course I always want to work out and don't do it, but some day I am gonna exercise and eat healthy and be in shape and in perfect health

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    • Is it that important to have a sexy muscular curvy body? I have always to ha e a perfect body like this, just like any other man, but it's a little difficult to get, also, this will mean that fat men will never get laid, any way... I have noticed that having a fit muscular body is important to women who are looking for men on personals pages, it will be chalenging to have one, but exercising will help me be helthier any way, which is a great reward, even if I didn't meet a woman who LOVES the body

    • But you target American and European so they have high standards, your height is not so good but not so bad either, I'm an inch shorter than you