Continue to pursue her? Don't give up? Confused? Don't really know what to do here?

Since late March (2014) I've been talking to this girl (sort of new). We met through mutual friends, but we don't know how we even started talking to each other. Everything was going well, almost perfect. We talked everyday but never really met up one on one (date). But around early May, we hung out one on one before she went on vacation out of the country for about ~month. While she was out of the country we still kept in touch everyday. Once she came back (early June) we started hanging out more and going on dates (1-2 times a week). Everything was going picture perfect, we talked everyday and both of us knew we were interested in each other. We tried to keep all of this on the DL from our mutual friends, not that we were hiding anything but we both just thought if they find out they find out, we don't need to tell them. So everything was going great until the end of June, when we had sort of a serious talk about what's going on between us. We both agreed that we were "dating" (getting to know each other) but not in a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend). After that talk, she brought up that one of our mutual friends wanted to talk to her about me. This mutual friend of ours has known me for about ~6 years and has seen what I'm like in my last relationship (about 3 years ago). It wasn't the best of me, I was stressed and not happy in that relationship hence why the worst of me came out. And the girl I'm talking to knew this about me, but as people are finding out about us they kept wanting to meet up with her about talk to her about me. So around the end of June, we had a talk and she said we should stop talking for a while, stop what is/was happening and just be friends for now. She said she wants to know me from a "friend perspective" first since we weren't really friends to start out with. But I told her the best was the know if the person you see in front of you is the real me you need to spend you know one on one time but she just went on sa

saying that she shouldn't be talking/dating someone right now because she has goals that she wanted to achieve. But my thing is, why even start if you knew this already? We still talk (every other day or so, maybe less)... what should I do?


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  • dude what the hell is wrong with this girl how can she depends on a friends perspective when you are here and you are opening up with her she is just trying to end up things betwenn you guys indirectly and your previous relation or experience have nothing to do with who you are now ; and you know your self dont try to convince her if she is not interested then you should let her go its her loss ; sorry to say this but she is affraid of comitment and wants to spend time with you as unofeciel relationship


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