Girls would this sound weird to you?

So basically I'm not good at all about approaching girls and asking them out. What if I said I wanted to find a girl to practice asking out? Almost role playing so to speak. Would that just be to weird or is it at least not a terrible idea?


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  • That's not a terrible idea honestly but I think you should just go ahead and ask whoever you want to ask out cause thinking too much about it and acting it out can be very stressful and it may not go as planned and you wouldn't know what to do if that happens since you played it out a specific way. So I say just go with the flow, it's just asking someone out but if you want to make it special go for it just don't stress over it.

    • Yeah that's true. I don't have anyone specific in mind it's just something I need to get over.

    • Listen to this chick. Time is your enemy. The faster you approach a girl and the less time you have to overthink it/talk yourself out of it, the more natural and easier it will be. The first few times might be awkward but practice makes perfect right?

    • Right I agree with @HairyDumpling

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  • If you think it will help, then by all means... but I feel that you might draw a complete blank when you actually ask out a girl you like, since you're too used to asking out the 'practice girl'.

  • I think its a good idea... Annnd something unexpected may just happen between u and the girl who's willing to help u.

    • Can I ask you s question? Do you think it'd be better to door like face to face or would even online work? What do you think would be. Better?

    • online? Heck no, face to face is always better...

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