Two Potential Mates Have Appeared! Which dude is a better fit?

Breaking this down as simple as possible. I don't want to emotionally invest myself to someone who will end up fucking me over. I also refuse to two time someone, it doesn't feel too good when it happens to you. Please lmk your opinions (guys and girls, pets... etc)

Boy A
-20 years old
-lives an hour away (long commute)
-same interests
-timing always seems to be perfect
-willing to see me
-we talk everyday (mutual effort)
-good job for age
-deans list
-never offered to pay for anything
(spent 70+ to see him for 6 hours)
i don't even care that he didn't i would have said no but it would have been nice if he offered.
-cannot feel 100% natural around him all the time
-has violent thoughts about certain things
-snapchat whore (all girls on top 3) (he's my top 1 -_-)

Boy B
-20 years old
-lives an hour away (long commute)
-same interests
-passionate conversations
-decent job for age
-always willing to help me with anything, work, personal, advice etc and at any hours
-he told me he genuinely cares about me as a person (after we've had long facetime convos)
-offered to order from seamless for me while i was at work with no cash to spend that day just because i was craving sushi
-i can be 100% natural while talking to him

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Hi so Boy B is officially the winner :-)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Boy B definitely. But I wonder if you are more attracted to Boy A haha
    Watch out for him, I've been Boy A before and trust me on this, if he isn't willing to even offer to pay, then you are a backup. Don't settle for that!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Boy B all the way. That guy will love and respect you. (hopefully)

  • I'd go with B because it sounds like A might just play you reading that. Go with you gut in the end.

    • There is deff a gut feeling that there is something fishy about A. I'm not going to make plans to see him, unless he iniciates it. I'm seeing B this weekend, hopefully my gut feeling will be confirmed. Thank you for your insight, it means a lot!

What Girls Said 2

  • You listed more about boy A, and it was mostly negative. I find it hard to believe you're having trouble choosing! LOL But the biggest red flag about boy A, you can't be yourself around him, then why would want him? That's too much work to make someone else happy.

    • I guess it's because I've hung out with A more and I noticed what irked me. However, I've known B longer and he was mad that I was speaking to A but still hit me up a few days later because he still enjoyed talking to me as a person. Again, I am seeing B this Saturday (first time going out), I'm relying on my gut to let me know what to do. Thank you for your insight.

    • I would also remind B that you have no commitments to him, thus no obligations. He does have a right to know if he's in a competition, and he is while you're still trying to pick. If he's a decent man, he will respect your need to date around and find the best match for yourself. Only a desperate sleaze would want a girl to commit without really getting to know her. Good luck!

    • Totally girl. Thanks for your help

  • i fail to see why you cannot date both at once? its not two timing if ur not officially his gf.
    if u had to pick, boy b sounds more like potential bf material... boy a will just use u and sounds like he's selfish