Girls, how would you feel/what would you do if you were working on your laptop at the cafe and some dude came up to engage in conversation?

I had just got off work and was craving a smoothie so I went to the cafe and saw this girl working on her laptop with headphones respectively in place.

I ordered and sat at her table (these are big, 4'x9' wooden tables) in the hopes to engage in conversation because I was interested, but decided not to because I didn't want to bug her/lack of confidence.

Girls, would you be flattered or annoyed?

Guys, what would you have done?


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  • I would've been flattered. It once happened to me, the first time I ever went out to a coffee shop to do some computer work. The manager approached me several times, making sure he was the one to bring my food and collect my finished plates, always engaging in conversation while he was at it. Of course, your situation is a bit different seeing as you're not the manager but you can do similar things nevertheless.

    Make sure that you keep the conversation short and delightful because she's probably really concentrated in her work. A good suggestion for you, why don't you buy her a cup of coffee, ask for a pen and a paper and write a note saying "Working hard pays off" or something sweet. You can either include your phone number with that if you're confident enough, or you can simply put it on her table as you walk to sit on yours. When she sees it, just subtly smile and if she seems like she's willing to engage in conversation, do so. Chances are that she will be the one starting it anyways since she would be thanking you for the deed.

    If you don't want to do any of that, then be bold and simply approach her! You've got nothing to lose.


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  • that's a tough one! if i am busy working with laptops and headphones i dont want to be bothered. unless you're the physical embodiment of my dream man i suggest u dont do it b/c i'll think ur really pompous for interrupting me and a bother.

    the best thing to do would be to sit in my line of sight so i'd have a better odds at seeing u. if im attracted i'll look at u so if u feel me glancing at u then u can approach

  • Actually... this does happen to me from time to time... I guess its sort of flattering but at the same time I wasn't interested in any of them... but was never mean

  • Flattered.

  • If anything love, or like is a risk. It honestly is for all kinds of people either attractive or not so attractive, don't get me wrong guys and girls we're all beautiful/handsome in our own ways! But it's just a risk, you know. Some people get dissed and others don't, you'd be surprised how many guy friends I have that are attractive and have been dumped, cheated on, or just hurt really badly

    I would definitely be flattered, I've been approached by attractive and non-attractives and I've never been rude to any of them. Keep in mind there's still more guys/girls on this planet, and you wouldn't notice it but maybe someone is falling for you from a far. Just keep that in mind, if you've like a stranger, a stranger has liked you back.

    Ik this doesn't realy answer your question, but my answer is risk it. There's no limits.


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