Should I only make effort with guys who go the extra mile to talk to me?

So I have a hard time with men. Stupidly I go for the
Ones who make the least effort and then wonder why it is not 50)50 further down the line. As it never was from get go. Whether it be guys online or guys I meet face to face in life. I think face to face is always more real.

While online for past few months been talking to a guy still have not met he plays the busy card and I got fed up now we barely talk. He is 27 so I figured yeah he would make good bf. Quite the opposite he would make a rubbish bf and I am glad we never met. As I know enough to put me off him for good.

During this year and mid summer. I kept going to a store local to me. This guy would act fidgety, smile, compliment me, ask me how I am etc. I just put hin same boat as all guys assuming he would not want to date as most want fun. I could be wrong though an I think he deserves a chance. As he will be in convo with people and when I am there he stops and says dont care what you lot say now princess is here. He makes me feel special before I have even got to know him. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. If I am down he notices and wants to know why. He shows care towards me and asks about my life. I have feelings there for him as I am so nervous when I see him and he changes too.

Been few weeks since I've saw him so I dont know if. He will miss me or not but what can I do to get things moving if he does still seem keen on me? When I see him he's always working behind counter. he's so handsome and does not even know it which makes him more admirable. Every girl wants to feek special and I know now I have been going after boys not real men. Could kick myself for the bad choices I have made. I hope to rectify them now though. he's even gone to hold my hand and I did not push him away and in that moment I felt like weconnected. When I next see him what do I say?


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  • Be honest and explain him your situation. As you've written, he's quite good at catching your mood and thoughts, so I'm sure he'll understand you. Give him a chance. Even if guys just go for sex and don't want a relationship, it's nothing you should blame them for. Just different needs. But he sounds cute as from what you said, and I'd give it a try.

    Explain to him how important it is to you that he keeps doing stuff for you and the relationship, and not just think "I got her" and relax. He should at no point take you for granted.

    • Yeah I agree usually once a guy knows I am into him and I get with them they usually stop doing all the cute things they did in beginning. I would like flowers cute littke notes. The little things I value. An yeah I feel like he could want more then sex. i dont blame them but I do when they lie and say they want more onky to backtrack later on. Yeah will give it a tryy

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  • I would try and get to know him better. Stay in contact and spend time with him. But please be careful since his behaviour could be a sign of him wanting just sex and nothing else. Though he could also be just nice and caring. I know a guy myself who is very opern-minded and who could be mistaken as having crushes on people or as wanting them or anything but that is just his way of being,

    Like I said, try to get to know him better and act normally.

    • All guys want sex just whether they want more or just that is the mystery. I have been through enough to know to be careful but thanks. an ok you know someone whose like that but neither of us know the guys intentions I do not make any assumptions

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    • I do know for sure that the guy I know is just being himself. At first it is weird but later on you get used to it. But enough about that.

      I think signs for that might be being over-eager with complimenting you and stuff. The thing with the princess actually got my attention... So that is where my thought came from.

    • So using pet names. he's complimented me once